Dentures and Partials

If you have lost all your teeth or several teeth in a row, you know better how the missing teeth adversely impact your life. You have to live with a restricted diet of soft or mashed foods and avoid various flavors and textures. You may feel awkward speaking in public as missing teeth hampers your speech. You may probably feel uncomfortable about your appearance as well. Fortunately, dentures can improve your health and well-being in several ways. At Summit Dental in Huntsville, Alabama 35806, we offer full and partial dentures to restore your oral functions and smile appearance. 

How Can Dentures Help?

Dentures can make your life easier in the following ways:

  • Restore your ability to speak normally without lisping or slurring 
  • Allow you to consume a variety of foods instead of just soft foods
  • Reinstate your self-image
  • Partial dentures help maintain the correct spacing of your remaining teeth, thus avoiding problems associated with shifting teeth, such as an increased risk of gum disease and TMJ disorders.


How Can Dentures Improve Your Appearance?

Your teeth have several functions, including providing an underlying support structure for your facial contour. Without teeth, your lips and cheeks sink inward, making you look significantly older than your actual age. In addition, the longer you live with missing teeth, the more the jawbone tissues deteriorate. A declining jawbone only worsens the sunken look of a toothless mouth. Dentures can instantly restore the shape of your face by lending support to the oral structures. They can instantly uplift your face and make you look younger and in robust health. Looking healthier and feeling more confident about your appearance can positively affect your total well-being. 

How to Care for Dentures?

Establishing an efficient care routine is the most vital step in ensuring the life of your dentures. Your denture care should include the following steps:

  • Brush your dentures daily and use a toothbrush specifically designed for cleaning them. 
  • You should use toothpaste formulated for dentures. Denture toothpaste is gentle on acrylic and can fight the bacterial formations on the denture surface. 
  • Rinse your dentures after every snack or meal to prevent the accumulation of food debris that can cause foul odors and sore spots on the gums.
  • To avoid dropping your dentures, handle them carefully.
  • When not wearing, store your dentures in water. 

If you are using a partial denture, do not forget about the health of your remaining natural teeth. Follow the above instructions for taking care of your partial dentures. Also, brush and floss your natural teeth twice a day and visit our Summit Dental office for regular dental exams and cleanings.

To learn more about our denture solutions, visit the Summit Dental office at 1658 Old Monrovia Road Suite 102, Huntsville, Alabama 35806. You can also reach us at (256) 251-2899 and schedule an online appointment.

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