Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Why live with a stained, yellow, or discolored smile when you can enjoy dazzlingly white teeth? Professional teeth whitening treatments are effective, long-lasting, and virtually painless. With the state-of-art teeth whitening options offered at Summit Dental in Huntsville, Alabama 35806, you can dramatically transform the appearance of your smile in as little as one office appointment. 

Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening?

Drugstore whitening products are a popular way of brightening one’s smile. While many people may be satisfied with the whiteness levels achieved with these at-home treatments, others may find professional teeth whitening treatments better align with their goals and lifestyle needs. The store-bought teeth whitening products used at home tend to have more diluted whitening components, and since the formulas are not as strong, you may not be able to achieve the desired whitening results. In addition, store products are more likely to irritate the gums since the treatment is not custom-designed for your mouth, causing the bleaching material to extend past the teeth.

Professional whitening treatments by a dental professional involve using more concentrated bleaching agents that can lighten teeth several shades brighter. These treatments are generally performed in our office, and if necessary, we provide take-home trays that have been custom-fabricated to the unique shape of your mouth.

Office Whitening Treatments

Office teeth whitening treatments use advanced power Chairside lamps to activate the hydrogen peroxide whitening gel applied during the bleaching process. In a session that lasts under an hour, the bleaching treatment lightens discolored tooth enamel and removes stains while leaving the structure of your teeth unchanged and intact.

Take-Home Trays

 If you have time constraints and don’t want a lengthy visit to restore your smile, then our take-home teeth whitening system may be right. Our custom-designed take-home tray teeth system is a popular method for improving your smile.

The trays with the bleaching gel must be worn for a few hours every day for about two weeks. The gel will progressively brighten your teeth. Once your teeth have reached your desired level of color, you can stop using them. You can touch up your smile once in a while to maintain your healthy new smile. 

How to Maintain Your White Smile?

To keep your smile as white and sparkling as possible, it is critical to follow up your teeth whitening session with regular maintenance and robust oral health. Smokers face the biggest challenge in maintaining their long-term whitening results. We strongly suggest that if you smoke, you use the custom-made trays at home a few times a month after availing of your treatment. This simple addition to your daily regime can prolong the whitening effects even for heavy smokers. 

To learn more about our teeth whitening treatments, visit the Summit Dental office at 1658 Old Monrovia Road Suite 102, Huntsville, Alabama 35806. You can also reach us at (256) 251-2899 and schedule an appointment.

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