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Brushing our teeth can stop issues like cavities and gum disease before they begin. However, its benefits can be lost if it is not done effectively. If you would like to learn more potent brushing methods, we can provide you with some helpful tips.

– When the brush is placed on your teeth, angling it at about 45 degrees to the gum line is recommended.
– Move the brush back and forth, going about as far as the width of each tooth with each stroke.
– Remember to not scrub too hard. More gentle motions can get the job done and avoid causing inadvertent harm to the teeth and gums.
– Brushing the gum line can also help, as you want to stop any plaque from getting entrenched there.
– Brush all the sides of your teeth you can reach, including the tops and the sides that the tongue touches.
– Change the angle of the brush until it is about 90 degrees to the gum line when you get to the backs of your front teeth, and then brush up and down.
– You do not need to take longer than two minutes to cover all these points, though we recommend that you spend at least two minutes each time you brush.

We are always pleased to help others have top-notch oral health. If you would like more tips or need some help with your oral hygiene, feel free to visit us at Summit Dental in Huntsville , Alabama. Our dentist, Dr. Courtney Murray, can help you find what your smile needs and guide you to the things that can keep it looking good. Call us at 256-251-2899 today, and we be glad to answer questions and set up an appointment for you.